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Your Bird Doesn’t Wear a Diaper? - Avian Fashions

Your Bird Doesn't Wear a Diaper? - Avian Fashions

Stafford, Va.

Monday, September 30, 2013 - Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Since 1997, bird owners around the world have been breathing sighs of relief when they learn that living with birds doesn’t have to be messy. This is all thanks two little words: bird diaper. That’s what you get when former naval officers and bird lovers set out to find a solution to their pets’ poop problems. With the invention of the FlightSuit™, feathered friends can be kept out of cages and fly freely without having to worry about accidents. The geniuses at Avian Fashions didn’t stop at the diapers though; they keep their international successes coming with leashes, harnesses, toys, costumes and fashions of all kinds. All birds should fly in style!

Published in WPA's Pet Industry Resource Guide

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