Good Company’s Episode 9 Preview, Featuring Minnesota-based Cre8Play

Check out the leading manufacturer in children's playgrounds and what it takes to make the most creative play sets known to the world!

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New Hope, Minn.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - Thursday, September 19, 2013

The playground is entering a new era thanks to the innovative designers and builders at Cre8Play. That’s what happens when you take a guy who grew up working with traditional playgrounds, but also aspired to be an artist. By manufacturing play spaces that continue to break the mold, the masterminds at Cre8Play have been helping kids push their creative limits while having fun and being active since 2005. From enchanted forests to tropical islands, kids are climbing, sliding and jumping their way into worlds they thought they could only dream of.

Published in NRPA's Supply Chain

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