Be Pawsitive

Dallas, TX

Offering a place where dog parents can purchase a monthly organic treat box for their dog(s), Dallas-based  Be Pawsitive is every pet advocate’s dream . Not only are the company’s treats baked in small batches for quality control, they’re also made in the U.S.A. with  all-natural ingredients and are USDA-certified organic. And they all ship straight to your door! But what truly makes Be Pawsitive a ‘Good Company’ is its core values. Its business model came into existence after founder, Travis Watson, adopted his dog, Lola, from an Arlington, Tex. shelter just last year. As Travis visited the shelter and realized how heavily the organization relies on donations for their furry residents, Travis decided he would build a business i n which he could give back. His determination for finding a way to help the millions of dogs waiting in shelters and rescues for their forever homes resulted in Be Pawsitive’s “Buy One, Give One” philosophy. Here’s how the “Buy One, Give One” philosophy of Be Pawsitive works: For each box of dog treats purchased by a customer, Be Pawsitive donates another box to an animal shelter or rescue organization. Additionally, the customer can recommend a shelter or rescue organization to be added to the list of recipients at checkout. “After learning that more than 3 million dogs end up in shelters across the country each year, I felt compelled to do whatever I could to help,” said Watson, founder of Be Pawsitive. “The treats we donate not only provide a healthy snack for the dogs but also help with obedience training to get them ready for new homes, and also serve as an “ice breaker” for the dog and potential adopter during their first meeting. The treats are really making a difference.” Be Pawsitive, which officially launched in early June 2013, strives to provide the highest quality, all natural, organic dog treats for all dogs. Each month, pet parents and shelter dogs receive a new  flavor of dog treats, which include The Original, Rise and Shine, Cheesy-Berry, Pizza Party, Power Berry, Banana Split, Pumpkin Pie, Relax, and Iron Dog. “Just by talking to Travis, you can tell he has a true passion for giving back and for helping rescue animals,” said ‘Good Company’ communications manager, Callie Cady. “As a fellow provider of a forever home to a rescue dog, I truly appreciate Be Pawsitive’s mission to better the lives of o The “Buy One, Give One” campaign is part of Be Pawsitive’s company philosophy, and is available at all times. Animal shelters or rescue organizations that are interested in receiving treat donations can email  to be added to the list of recipients.

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