SMU Volunteer Coach- Boatman

Dallas, Texas

Around boats since the age of five, Al See considered himself purely a sailor right up to the day his youngest daughter took up crew rowing. From that moment, he transferred his sailboat repair knowledge into the reconstruction of rowing shells.What started as small dent repairs soon blossomed into fixing the un-fixable and he quickly developed a reputation: if you thought a broken boat was hopeless, Al See was the guy who could save your program from having to buy a whole new shell.    His proudest moment? A shell hit a submerged concrete post head on and the bow peeled like a banana. On a two-week race deadline, Al had that boat ship-shape (pardon the pun) and regatta-ready, saving the school thousands of dollars in the process. Without Al,  boatshells have to be carted down to Austin to a $100/hour repair facility whereas he works locally, straight out of the boathouse, at half the cost and half the time. His work not only helps local institutions, he supports other small businesses like English Color &Supply. Al is involved in all facets of the rowing world. In addition to his position as the key repairman in North Texas, he’s also the brain behind the coaching safety manual for USA Rowing. On the water and off, Al is looking out for North Texas rowers.

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