‘Good Company’ discovers Owl Brand Discovery Kits in Oregon

‘Good Company’ discovers Owl Brand Discovery Kits in Oregon

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

​Over Labor Day weekend, Darth and the crew of “Good Company” left scenic San Francisco and trekked up the West Coast to beautiful Portland, Ore. Just north of the city, the cameras and crew dove into the world of science education and nature conservation with Owl Brand Discovery Kits (OBDK) – the fifth of 11 stops on the tour. 

Working in part with owner and founder Chris Anderson’s Owl Brand Supply Company, Inc., OBDK delivers educators across a variety of different fields the tools to connect children with nature and introduce owl pellet dissection into learning environments. As a venture that started out in Anderson’s kitchen, OBDK has now moved to taking over his garage and is soon expected to be large enough to move into its own space entirely separate of the Anderson household. 

Aside from providing fun and affordable education tools for children, OBDK strives to assist in other areas as well. From promoting owl and wolf conservation and safety, to offering employment opportunities, the overall goal at OBDK’s is simply lend a helping hand any way that they can with their company. Since the company’s inception, has worked with over 100 different families and pellet collectors by purchasing their products. To date, that adds up to over 4 million barn own pellets that have been sold, all of which have been individually processed.

As if providing products to further education, safety for animals and employment to people around the country – all while turning a profit – wasn’t enough, it turns out the driving force behind Anderson’s company isn’t money or success. In fact, this faith-based business man hasn’t taken a salary from OBDK in over five years. Instead, he makes a living as a professional fundraiser for the Salvation Army.

“This is something that is considered more of a service than a business by the man who runs it,” said producer Will Kamp. “But it’s clear by what he’s accomplished that he’s also very business-minded and savvy.”  

MultiView and would like to thank Chris Anderson for giving the “Good Company” cameras and crew a look into the world of OBDK and the other efforts behind his company. Don’t forget to follow along with the Good Company crew at  as they continue their road trip around the country as they dive further into the world of unique American businesses.

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