​‘Good Company’ wraps  on 2nd location

​‘Good Company’ wraps on 2nd location

Monday, August 26, 2013

The crew of “Good Company” has wrapped filming on the second stop of the road tour, and is continuing their journey west. The second location landed the crew in Tucson, Ariz. – home to Paul Olesniewicz’s 911 Sculpture – almost 1,000 miles from MultiView’s Dallas headquarters. 

Just outside of downtown Tucson, on the eastern side of the city, sits Paul Olesniewicz’s garage-turned-clay workshop where all of his pieces for 911 Sculpture come to life. With each project taking almost a year to complete, it’s no surprise this former firefighter and sculptor chooses to keep his work close to home. From memorial planning, sculpture and series designing and final completion, Olesniewicz’s workshop serves as ground zero for his 33-step creative process. 

While attending Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Olesniewicz did more than receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts – he also discovered his passion for firefighting. Beginning with the U.S. Forest Service and proudly serving both the U.S. Air Force and City of Tucson, he has racked up over 32 years of firefighting experience. Although his daytime profession throughout these years was spent serving his country and community as a firefighter, it was during this time that Olesniewicz was perfecting the craft that would one day become his full-time trade.

“The process has evolved over time,” said Olesniewicz regarding the growth of 911 Sculpture. “Over the years I started getting contacted about firefighters that were lost, and it evolved from having a business into providing a service.” 

Dedicated to honoring the history of firefighters and other heroes in similar professions such as EMTs and police officers, 911 Sculpture is only one of three companies in the U.S. with hands-on experience in both the fire service and bronze artistry. It’s this unparalleled knowledge that led for Olesniewicz’s work to receive frequent praise for the intricate visual details as well as for his ability to convey the true experience behind each story.

“This is a man who has chosen not one, but two, selfless careers paths,” explained “Good Company” producer Will Kamp on why 911 Sculpture was chosen for the Web series. “While searching for ‘Good Company’ candidates, this is what set him apart.” 

The bronze sculptures and memorial statues offered by 911 Sculpture range from 6 inches to 20 feet tall, and while custom pieces can hit as high as the $120,000 mark, Olesniewicz has made it his mission to be able to give a lasting piece of history to everyone. By creating different sculpture series that start at more affordable prices, assisting in planning memorials, offering fundraising ideas and even acting as a general resource, he has made it possible for communities all over the nation to honor those who have lost their lives in order to save others. 

 “I had a phenomenal time,” said Olesniewicz of being able to show off his work to the “Good Company” team. “I didn’t think they would be able to get cameras into my little workshop, but they did. Everybody has been wonderful.”

MultiView and the “Good Company” crew would like to thank Paul Oleniewicz for his cooperation in sharing his story. Don’t forget to follow along with the Good Company crew at 
as they continue their road trip around the country as they dive further into the world of unique American businesses. 

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