St. George shows off for ‘Good Company’ cameras

St. George shows off for ‘Good Company’ cameras

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

​It’s safe to say that “Good Company” filming is well underway, gaining momentum and literally going the distance. With two companies’ shoots already in the bag, the crew continued their travel westward to beautiful southern Utah. During the third stop on the tour, the crew was treated to not only another great company that goes by the name of Squatty Potty, but also the beautiful scenery of St. George and surrounding areas near the Utah-Arizona border.  

St. George, which proudly claims Zion National Park as a part of its many wonders, has officially topped the list of stunning shoot locations thus far. This Mojave Desert setting provided the crew of “Good Company” with the perfect backdrop for capturing this niche family-run business in their natural environment both personally and professionally. The Squatty Potty team didn’t waste any time giving the cameras and crew of “Good Company” an inside look into where they come from, how they operate and how they got to where they are today.

“There’s a really great family dynamic that is reflected in the business,” said director Daniel Maitland. “We got an inside, hands-on look into how they work and play together. With relationships like that comes a great sense of understanding in one another and the direction it’s taking their business.”  

As a relative newcomer to the business world, Squatty Potty, a manufacturer of toilet footstools that assist in easy and natural elimination, has made quite the entrance as one of the most publicized companies to be featured on “Good Company” – not to mention becoming wildly successful so quickly. Within the last two-and-a-half years, Squatty Potty evolved from very basic concept into a full blown phenomenon that’s now helping people around the world redefine the toilet and healthy toilet posture.

Unlike most people, the health conscious Edwards family – aka the masterminds behind what is becoming known as the “Restroom Revolution” – hardly shy away from typically taboo toilet talk. The concept of the Squatty Potty first came to life when matriarch Judy Edwards decided to take her colon health into her own hands. With a recommendation from her doctor, some test runs of her own and construction and design by her husband Bill and son Bobby, the Squatty Potty was born. The rest as they say … is history. 

“This family saw a need that affects everyone,” said producer Will Kamp. “By creating a simple, yet extremely helpful product, they’ve started revolution that’s hit a global level.”  

MultiView and the “Good Company” crew would like to thank the Edwards family for opening the doors of their business and community. Don’t forget to follow along with the Good Company crew at  as they continue their road trip around the country as they dive further into the world of unique American businesses.

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